23 February 2010

City Park - What's Wrong?

This illustration will be featured on the back cover of this March's Highlights for Children. One thing to note in this one is Ranger Kent sitting and watching an old western next to the statue base. I've finished one more of these What's Wrong back covers and I am currently working on two more. I'll post a little snippet from each when I get a chance.

Anyway, below is the line art. I keep certain elements out such as the kite string to be added in later.

Below is the printed piece.

Also, this was in February's High Five if you didn't see it. I'm glad the colors came out well. This one was colored with a new technique and I wasn't sure how it would print. You can see/read more about this piece here.

11 February 2010


In honor of Valentine's Day I am posting some old comics I did on the subject of love. The first comic is self explanatory. I really don't need to go into it. However, the second is based on a dream I had in which I was Charlie Brown sitting next to Peppermint Patty underneath a large tree discussing the topic of love. I have strange dreams.

10 February 2010

Two Weeks Southwest.

I got all of you a gift for my birthday (it's what we hobbits do)! Click on this link and you can download my 80 page sketchbook journal, Two Weeks Southwest. I drew it day by day during the trip in 2004.

The password is: heston
Available for download for: 7 days (until February 17, 2010).

Before you read it please be aware:
1. That the compressed file is 25MB.
2. That I am considered to be a zealot in some circles.
3. I believe in the second law of thermodynamics.

Thanks and have a great February 10. We are snowed in.

02 February 2010

Hourly Comic.

I know it's been about an entire month since I last posted. We're still getting used to life with Virginia. She has been a dream, but I obviously don't have anywhere near the time I used to. Anyway, on to my post here...

One really does do a lot in one hour, let alone one day (at least most of us do). Yesterday I made an hourly comic inspired by John Campbell's Hourly Comic Day and Paula Becker's own version. The rules are simple. Every hour that you are awake on February 1st you make a comic describing something about the past hour.

I loved this little challenge and I hope to see more cartoonists/illustrators give it a try.

Here it is in all of its messiness. Forgive the quality of the scans, it's difficult to scan a sketchbook and I don't have the time to clean it up.