25 September 2008

Washington's tomb

I drew this back in June when I visited the tomb in Mount Vernon, VA. I wish I had more time but I had to cut the visit short. It really is a beautiful place to visit.

16 September 2008

More Psycholinguistic Technologies stuff.

I posted some of these earlier. You'll note the use of the same backgrounds used throughout these sets. I did this in order to cut down on production time and to make it easier for the viewer to quickly point out the differences in the scenarios when using the program.

I discovered in this first set that I really like to draw sad dogs, especially ones that have just gotten into trouble.

The design of this hideously ugly dress is actually based on one that a friend owns, but I won't tell.

I also love to draw grumpy cats.

Although I hate to draw hippies.

You can see Drew Phillips in the top right hand corner of this one. He helped me with the coloring on some of these.

12 September 2008

Old fang.

Recently I noticed that some blogging illustrators took to drawing their, "teenage-selves." I went the other route...

05 September 2008

Illiterate man.

I made this on the train coming home from teaching a few years ago...

02 September 2008

Great Falls, VA.

My wife travels for a living and occasionally I accompany her on her trips. A few weeks ago I went with her to the DC area and visited Great Falls National Park on the Virginia/Maryland border. I sat in the gorge for a few hours and drew some of the dramatic scenery with my brush pens. The top drawing here is out of my comfort zone but I think it came out nice (for my benefit anyway).