23 April 2014

Birds Eye View

This busy piece appears in the May issue of Highlights High Five. The city is based on my hometown of Philadelphia. The original art can be seen below.

17 March 2014

Saint Patrick's Day.

This day has always had a different meaning for me. Not only is it now the anniversary of my Dad's passing but it also reminds me of a particular relative of mine. My Great-Great Grandfather, Luke Dillon, was also known as "Dynamite" Dillon, an Irish patriot who fought hard for Irish Independence around the turn of the 1900's. He is credited for setting off bombs in England's House of Commons, Scotland Yard, Canada's Welland Locks among many others. He is also known to be the part of a failed attempt to destroy the London Bridge. Until the day he died, he supported the cause of Irish Independence. Occasionally I find some old newspaper articles and books written about him. Recently I stumbled upon this ballad that was written for him...

Currently I'm delving into research about his time as a Corporal in Company E of the US Infantry/Calvary. For eight years he was stationed along the Bozeman Trail in Wyoming & Montana during the "Indian Wars" with Chief Red Cloud & Crazy Horse. He fought & survived many battles with the Sioux, Cheyenne, & Arapaho warriors.  It's fascinating stuff.

26 February 2014

Latest Heidi and Zeke's in Eagle Eye!

Here are my latest Eagle Eye Hidden Pictures starring Heidi and Zeke! Eagle Eye is a monthly series of Hidden Picture magazines from the folks at Highlights. Click here to order!  Thanks for stopping by!

23 December 2013

Pioneer Christmas card illustration

I recently created this image for the nice folks at Pioneer Motor Bearing. If you happen to have a battleship, air craft carrier, nuclear sub, hydro-electric, or nuclear power plant that needs giant bearings they'd be the folks to call.

20 December 2013

Latest published stuff...

Hi. I'm busy. Here's some fun stuff I recently did. Have a Merry Christmas!

A School Band What's Wrong? from January 2014's Highlights...

From Highlights Hidden Pictures Eagle Eye Books 3 and 4...