12 April 2016

Some new zoo stuff.

I recently created some illustrations for the Zoo which will be up at this summer. They will be accompanied with illustrations of children doing American sign language (ASL) of the animal's name as shown below the vampire bat.  The ASL is of the Madagascar Giant Jumping Rat.

08 April 2016

Howdy strangers.

I've been super busy with life, work and life. 

On the plus side I'll be at the Camden Comic Con tomorrow, April 9th, from 10-6. More info can be found here:  http://camdencomiccon.tumblr.com

I'll be at table F-6. I'll have FREE copies of Highlights magazine for kids, original art for sale and copies of my book, Which Art Student Are You? Come and say hi. 

Pats on the head are $2.

06 October 2015

Inktober: This Day In History

I'm doing Inktober this year. For the month of October I will be making an ink cartoon of an historic event from that day. Here's the first 6... 

03 September 2015

3:30 am

I'm bad at sleeping. I've never been good at it. All my life. Due to the heat I've been having a rough few weeks. I wrote this during one particularly long night.
Please share it if you like it. Thanks!

16 July 2015

Switzerland sketchbook Part 7

I apologize for the day in finishing this. Life & work took over for a while there. As you'll see I added a fun little story at the end in order to cover some of the legends about Mount Pilatus. I hope you like it and, as always, thank you for reading. Leave some love. Like all artists, I am an affirmation junky.

17 February 2015

Switzerland sketchbook Part 6: Basel and Lucerne

Here is the second to last installment of my recent trip to Switzerland (October 2014). Remind me to draw the next sketchbook journal in pencil, okay? Ink takes entirely too long.

Forgive the spelling mistakes, smudges, folds, and missing words. I'll fix them later when I actually have time to put these together into a book of some kind. For now, enjoy! Leave some love. This blog gets lonely.