18 June 2010


My Dad taught me to fish like no one's business so don't ask me to teach you because it is none of your business.

08 June 2010

Creepy Kid.

My Mother and Father in law own a small mobile home in a trailer park on the Rehoboth Bay in Delaware. While they only use it for vacation purposes there are some that live in the park permanently and I have concluded that those people are from another planet.

04 June 2010

Illustration Friday: Trail

In 2002 I hiked alone in Yellowstone National Park which was not recommended in every book I read on the subject. The impression I had going into the park was that at every corner I was going to be beaten by a bear or eaten by a bear. Since I took a lot of precautions I found it to be quite safe. I made this little comic in my sketchbook journal to poke fun at my fear. Sorry about the quality of the scans, I don't have time to rescan the originals.

The following sketches were done while on the trail in Wyoming, Arizona, and Utah. Descriptions are below each sketch.
Taking a nap at the Weaver's Needle. Superstition Mountains, AZ.

Picacho Peak, AZ.

Devil's Tower, WY. The local Indians tie colored ribbons to the trees around Devil's Tower. They also leave unlit cigarettes as offerings (I guess).

Devil's Tower, WY.

Old twisted tree I saw at the base of Devil's Tower.

Grand Tetons, WY.

Bryce Canyon, UT.

Grand Tetons, WY.

Bryce Canyon, UT.

3rd Wedding Anniversary.

Believe it or not the traditional Third Wedding Anniversary gift is leather because it is durable, long lasting, and strong. Rather than buy Daisy some boring leather passport holder I decided to make her a little portrait of our family (starring Kent, Pearl and Virginia, of course) made entirely of leather. Initially I was going to actually draw/stain the leather but I couldn't find smooth enough leather and I was limited with time. Instead I just cut simple pieces which was still equally tricky to do.

01 June 2010

Doodles: Circle of Life.

Illustration Friday: Transportation!

Here is another mindless doodle. This is actually one big piece but I had to break it up into small parts so you can see it better (blogger shrinks images of a certain size). I had to doctor this one up a bit but it is pretty much the same as it is.

It is the life of a man as seen through the vehicles he rode throughout his entire life.