29 May 2012

Book Cover

Sometime last year I designed/illustrated the cover for a friend's book, Practicing the Sabbath with Community. For some unknown reason I forgot to post the finished art and a link, so here you go.

From Dan's experience living in Jerusalem among the practicing jewish people he believes that even Christians can benefit from practicing a regular sabbath routine. One in which quiets our hearts, stills the chaos in our lives and reminds us to take the time each week to unplug, relax, and spend time with our families and with our God. As busy as everyone's lives are, I wholeheartedly agree. 

Dan's book is now available at amazon.com in both print and kindle formats.

10 May 2012

AJ's recital sketches

Daisy and I recently attended our friend AJ's masters in jazz piano recital at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Some of you may remember AJ as the one who sang (along with accompanying her Dad while playing the flute) at our wedding. During AJ's recital I drew folks in the audience and some of the musicians. 

Here is a clip of AJ singing a cappella with her fellow classmates, the Dolls. She is the one playing the spoons. Check out the other videos they have as well. They're quite amazing.

Tourists. Part Two.

Forgive me if this is a repeat:

More from my character design class: Due to the improved weather we were able to go outside. The Independence Hall area is a great place to draw tourists.

What's Wrong, soccer?

 Hi. I'll be quick. I've been busy. Here's my latest What's Wrong? for this June's Highlights. The original sketch is  below the finished art. 

Unfortunately, the foosball kids had to go along with some other stuff.

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