24 February 2009

Barber Shop.

Here is another little preview of a hidden picture sketch I am working on. 

18 February 2009


As I have said before, I often sketch while in church and sometimes while watching movies at home. Occasionally these two themes collide like in the last three images here, which is kind of fun.

07 February 2009

Bunny Village

It's good to look through some old files every once in a while! 

I just found these scans of the Philadelphia Zoo's children's book called, Bunny Village. I have the original art but I was never able to scan them in since they were such a large size. This was the first real rush job I had ever done. It's a long story but they needed 16 illustrations completed in 7 days (basically a full children's book that a publisher would give at least 6 months to do). I remember I wanted to have a nice texture to the painting so I choose a cold press rough Arches watercolor paper to do the finishes, which is fine and good for watercolor but when it came time for inking it was very difficult. The inking pens quickly wore down and after each page I had to soak my hand/arm in hot water since it hurt so much. Thankfully I was completed in 6 days but the downside was that I dreamt about bunnies for about a month.

I wish the scans were larger but I'll take what I can get.

03 February 2009

Zoo Signs.

These are some signs I did the illustrations for at the Philadelphia Zoo back in 2001. The last time I checked they were still up in the Rare Mammal House. I miss working for the Zoo, I did a lot of fun stuff with them. It always challenged me as an artist and I always had something to learn. I thought I had lost these files but they thankfully resurfaced.