30 August 2011

Ultimate Extreme Kite Flying! Hurricane Edition.

This is what my friends and I do during Hurricanes because we are ULTIMATE! We are EXTREME! Kind of makes you question your manliness doesn't it?


29 August 2011

That's Sneaky!

Please forgive my lack of post, I have been plenty busy with some fun stuff for Highlights. Here's a little peak from an upcoming That's Silly! to be featured in Highlights High Five's February issue. 

15 August 2011

Street Hockey!

This What's Wrong? is on the back cover of September's Highlights for Children that should be available now on newsstands. Once again I drew inspiration from my life in Philadelphia and the many sports we would play together. I think street hockey was everyone's favorite which was usually played in alley ways such as this one here. Alleys can be kind of magical places if the lighting is right - you get the sun bouncing all over the place from the reflections in the windows and the shafts of light pour down much like they would in a narrow canyon in the southwest.

By far my favorite thing in this piece is the break dancing mice in the right corner. Sometimes it's the little things, you know? In this case, hairy little things in track suits.

01 August 2011

Sketching video.

I recently had to record myself sketching for the nice folks at Graduates Payment System. I've never done anything like this before so there was a bit of a learning curve sorting everything out. I was given a written script and did some sketches before hand. Other than that, there was no plan. As you can see it had to be shortened quite a bit...

Here is the slower test version I made for myself: