22 December 2008

Christmas Card.

Daisy and I just returned from a wonderfully improved non-Italian 2nd honeymoon cruise and I still feel like I'm moving. Now that the Christmas Cards are officially out and about I can post it here. If you'd like one, just email me your address and I'll send one along to you asap.

Merry Christmas.

The inside:

10 December 2008

Christmas Cards from Christmas Past

I have never received as much positive feedback from one of my cards as I had with the one above. After this one every card I make seems to feel pretty stupid and mundane.

As for the one below (pictured is the outside of the card and the inside is below it), I am at that age were everyone complains about their weight during the holiday season and I had gotten pretty tired of hearing about it.

There is a funny story behind the card below. I had blatantly used my friend Jeff as the character for the fourth wise-man simply because this is something he would say with his often inappropriate sarcasm. At the last minute I had second thoughts and changed the look of the character so no one would suspect it was him. Well, two days after mailing this card out I received emails from several people asking if the fourth wise man was in fact, Jeff.

I'll post this year's card soon, I just want to send them out first and not spoil the fun.

08 December 2008

Gas crunch comics.

I made these sketches in the midst of the gas increase and swore I would take them to finish but I just haven't had the time so here you go.