22 February 2012

Coo coo.

I drew this for my wife last year as part of her anniversary gift. 
She recently found it on her purse as she was cleaning it out.

Photo 2 shows an extremely burnt grilled cheese that she made for me on one of our first dates,
Photo 3 has two images: One is of us reading a book in a very leaky tent during a massive thunderstorm in NH. The other is the birth of our daughter,

01 February 2012

That Silly City Park!

I'll be quick since I'm quite busy and sick. February's Highlights High Five features one of my That's Silly illustrations (as well as my monthly work in the craft/cooking spread). Yay! My wife, daughter and myself can be seen walking below the center tree dressed in our usual cowhand gear. 

Interesting note: In the published art the parent and child crashing into the hedges at the bottom of the hill was removed.