15 October 2014

Switzerland Sketchbook Part 3: Strasbourg, France

The day I visited Strasbourg, France it was raining so I didn't have many opportunities to sit and draw. Most of what I drew here I did later while on the train back to Basel or the following morning. I wish I had another day or two in Strasbourg. I felt like I didn't get to see enough of this beautiful city.

Switzerland sketchbook Part 1 and 2: Basel

Recently I tagged along with my wife on her business trip to Basel, Switzerland. Basel (pronounced Baa-zel) sits on Switzerland's north-northwest corner bordering France and Germany. While she worked I wandered the cities of Basel, Strasbourg in France, Freiburg in Germany and Lucerne. Prior to this trip I had only been to Italy so I made the best of visiting Central Europe in only 1 short week.

Here is the unedited, un-fact-checked, typo filled part 1 and 2 of the sketchbook journal I kept while there. I will post the rest eventually. There should be 7 parts in all.

Above is one of the many places I sat to draw. This one being the Marketplatz in Basel.

02 October 2014

Heidi and Zeke Hidden Pictures.

These are some recent hidden pictures I did for Highlights Eagle Eye Hidden Picture magazines. The name of the character in the first story was Lucy who happened to have two younger brothers so I couldn't help but make her a little nod to Lucy Van Pelt of Peanuts. I added a few obscure nods to Lucy's world. There is also a nod to Peanuts in the second one as well We'll see who can find it...

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