25 October 2009

Ilustration Friday: Fast

In the little river town of Delanco, New Jersey (where I had the pleasure of living for 8 years) is the Holiday Skating Rink. Older costumed roller skaters come from miles around one Tuesday night a month to roller skate to the organist's music (yes, they still have an organist- one of the few in the country to still have one). One night I accompanied a friend and was amazed to see just how good these folks were. I was simply shocked at how fast they were roller skating all the while doing their fancy dance moves. It was captivating to watch, especially when the couples would "roller dance." They would move in flawless unison to the music. One woman tried to teach me but I was hopeless. I met with a few of them and sat back and sketched them as they whizzed by me.

21 October 2009

Latest Art Student

At my height I am often mistaken for a student, especially in the beginning of the year by the Freshman. When I first started teaching it was a struggle for me to maintain respect and discipline the students. Short people simply do not get the respect that tall people get and I'm okay with it, it's just a fact of life.

Let me share one of my experiences with you:

Once, after a long day of teaching, I was on the train drawing and the elderly woman sitting next to me asked if I was an art student.
"No," I kindly replied, "I'm actually an art professor."
To which she responded, "Well, you don't LOOK like a professor."
So I quickly said with a smile, "Well. you don't look like a rude person but here we are!"
I followed it with a laugh and thankfully she laughed with me. What a funny memory for both of us.
You really can say anything with a smile.

16 October 2009

IF: Frozen

I did this back in 2006 for the Philadelphia Zoo's Big Cat Falls exhibit. There was some signage there with some corny kid's jokes in which this one asked, "What kind of treat do cats like on a hot day?" The answer, of course, is "Mice Cream Cones." Laugh hysterically.

13 October 2009

Now available...

Two of my pieces were published this month. The first here is in this month's Highlights High Five and the second is on the back cover of this month's Highlights for Children. See? I'm not a liar.

05 October 2009

Autumn Leaf Kite

Several years ago I had a dream in which a young version of myself was flying a leaf as a kite. I sketched it out and it sat in my sketchbook until now. Since Autumn was upon us and I had a little extra time I wanted to finally make this into a finished piece.