23 December 2013

Pioneer Christmas card illustration

I recently created this image for the nice folks at Pioneer Motor Bearing. If you happen to have a battleship, air craft carrier, nuclear sub, hydro-electric, or nuclear power plant that needs giant bearings they'd be the folks to call.

20 December 2013

Latest published stuff...

Hi. I'm busy. Here's some fun stuff I recently did. Have a Merry Christmas!

A School Band What's Wrong? from January 2014's Highlights...

From Highlights Hidden Pictures Eagle Eye Books 3 and 4...

16 December 2013

Which Art Student Are You? book- Only $10!

The Which Art Student Book Are You? book is now available in a small 28 page format for only $10. See book trailer below for details. Order information can be found by clicking here.

02 December 2013

Heidi and Zeke 1 and 2

Here are the first two hidden pictures starring Heidi and Zeke.

Highlights' Hidden Pictures Book Club makes a great gift for all of the kids in your life. Be sure to check it out! A few clicks and you're done your Christmas shopping.

Eagle Eye Hidden Pictures Book 3 and 4!

Hidden Pictures Eagle Eye books 3 and 4 are out this month. Woo! More Heidi and Zeke!

Subscriptions to Highlights' Hidden Picture Book Club make really cool gifts for the kids in your life! Check it out!