02 August 2008

Sentence Shaper

These images will be featured in a new program for people with language disorders called "SentenceShaper® II" which will be released later this year by Psycholinguistic Technologies.

For the past 12 years I have had the privilege of completing roughly 1300 illustrations for the Sentence Shaper program as well as the design of the program's look (buttons, etc.). Overall my cartooning has had to remain the same which has been difficult considering my artistic growth. However, the biggest challenge has been that each illustration needed to easily and recognizably portray an action or entire scenario without the use of words. You'll note that motion lines are emphasized. This was to help draw the patient's eye and bring attention to an action or variation.

This latest batch of scenarios were "point-and-click" colored (due to time and budget constraints) with the help of Drew Phillips. I'll post more as time allows, God knows I have plenty to show.

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