06 October 2008

Old Mac Donald.

I teach a sophomore class called Experimental Workshop at the Hussian School of Art. The whole point of the class is to make the students think outside the box. Most of the time we are creating 3 dimensional pieces but every so often I have them do an illustration. I start off by giving them a list of 58 animals/objects that Old MacDonald and his family are moving. The experimental side of this illustration is to draw everything that is on the list but to draw it using only INK. No pencil or research is allowed. They are given roughly 3 hours to complete.

Last year I decided to do one and here's what I was able to put together. I found that the hardest part of this was keeping the proportions right and just trying to plan ahead for what was coming next. There is some bad drawing here, and this piece is pretty big (6 x 22") that I had to take a photo of it, so please forgive the quality.
Update: I found a away to scan it in using Adobe Bridge's Photo merge!

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