21 December 2010

Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators Interview

Good news! I was recently interviewed by Anni Matsick for the December issue of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators newsletter. The interview focuses on the release of the Which Art Student Are You? book. This is just a screen pic below but you can read the full article here. The article is on pages 6 and 7.

Thanks to Anni and the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators for allowing a Philadelphian to join in the fun. I really do appreciate it.


Anni Matsick said...

Thanks for sharing your self-publishing experience, Chuck!
Very entertaining response and great addition to our annual holiday fun issue!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wendy gave me a copy of your book for Christmas. As a former Art student, I find it absolutely fantastic! I see qualities of myself in several of your characters. I love the "what are they doing now" characters, because I see some of my co-workers! I can't wait to show them your book and tell them how this wonderful artist is "part of the family". Congratulations, Chuck! Good Job!
Jacque Willoughby

Chuck said...

Thanks, Aunt Jacque!