28 September 2010

100 years ago.

Our home is 100 years old this year. With that comes a lot of thought into what it must have been like living here in 1910 and who exactly it was that lived here. As far as we know there was a Dairy Farm in the back of the house (the foundation is still there) as well as the Post Office and General Store which is the current house next door. A friendly neighbor recently told me that the man who built the house was a police officer and his wife was still the owner of the home only 5 years ago. Anyway I often think about what their conversations were like just after building the house. Did they think about who would own the house 100 years later?

Now I'm thinking about who will be in the house in 2110 but that's a story for another time...
PS: Absolutely no research was used in the drawing of that radio, that's why it looks so bad.

27 September 2010

Sketches of Philadelphia locals.

I managed to draw these three (over about a 5 day period) last week. When I see a person in the street or at the Bourse Building, I stop and quickly take some notes, which are nothing more than quick lines to help me remember a gesture or something about their character. Later, when I find the time I finish them up by memory.

This jazzman had on a thin red plaid suit. I wish I had the time to color it.

This is an example of someone who thought they would never age. By 22 he was covered in tattoos (including his face, neck, and head) and by 35 he realized that it was getting pretty difficult to find a job. My personal favorite accessory is his puffy top-knot.

21 September 2010

Which Art Student Are You? books are now available!

As stated in the book trailer above, the Which Art Student Are You? book is now available at IndyPlanet.com! Featuring all 22 original student types as seen on my blog and 3 all new never-before-seen types. Plus, a look into the students' future in 15 years later. All characters have been completely re-lettered and colored for maximum humor potential.

Available for purchase at IndyPlanet.com! You can also purchase the book via the paypal link located on the right side of my blog as well.

Thank you for your support. Please forward friends to this blog if they are interested in purchasing a book.