14 April 2011

Uncle America.

Part of my Photoshop class is spent on coloring in the "comic book style." Basically it is painting the light on, which is fast and effective but a tad confusing. After coloring the student's superhero character they also make a mock up comic book cover such as the one I did here.

The story behind Uncle America. Back when my niece, Corinne, (who was 4 years old at the time) was living with my Mother and I she stumbled upon my full length superman costume in my closet. Startled, she asked my Mom if I was Superman and she of course said that I was. For several weeks Corinne was convinced I was Superman fortified by the fact that on some days I would hide the costume and play it up. Around the same time, for a reason I can't remember, I had Corinne and her younger sister Rebecca jokingly call me Uncle America. Basically I just put all of this together hoping to make a comic about it one day but I never got around to it like so many other things. 

Uncle America is the disciplinarian of the rude and inconsiderate. He was gifted with concrete vision and he uses hard ginger snap cookies to hurl at his enemies. Uncle America wears glasses to protect his secret identity as the mild mannered, Carl Duhlman, shoe salesman.

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bizr007 said...

It's about time we see this character again, it's been too long. It would be great to see him in a comic. Or better yet, a short film.........kind of like the one we were going to do.......remember........many moons ago.........we still can.........and it would be GREAT!!!!