15 March 2012

Philadelphia Zoo's Trail of the Lorax!

I just finished a big project for the Philadelphia Zoo's spring exhibit, the Trail of the Lorax. In short, the exhibit will teach the importance of conservation in protecting Orangutans. A quote form the press kit: 

"In the 'Trail of the Lorax,' a live interactive exhibit at Philadelphia Zoo, Dr. Seuss' cautionary tale of The Lorax becomes a frame through which kids can experience and understand the very real correlation between human enterprise and destruction of animal habitat. The exhibit will focus on a real world similarity to the fictional Bar-ba-loots and Swomee-Swans—the endangered orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra."

The images below are  two of the 14 illustrations I completed over the past month or so. Six of the illustrations (not pictured) will be in old school 3D which will require 3D glasses for viewing. I saw some of the finished 3D images and they look really cool. Be sure to visit! More info on the Trail of the Lorax can be found here. The exhibit runs from March 31 to October 31, 2012.

It's been wonderful to work with the zoo again. I feel like it was where I got my first big break into the professional illustration field. Thanks to everyone at the zoo who worked closely with me on this project. I will never forget how to draw orangutans so long as I live. Ha ha!

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