10 July 2012

What's Wrong, City Harbor?

My latest What's Wrong? illustration is on the back cover of July's Highlights Magazine.  There are a lot of easter eggs in this one. Some are personal: such as my Dad, my childhood dog, and myself in my Dad's bass boat on the bottom of the illustration. I grew up fishing on the Delaware River from Philadelphia to Bristol. Many of the boat harbors (if you can call them that- they were just yacht club docks really) looked similar to this. However, I did mix in some New England influence which I found more pleasing to the eye. 

Other fun stuff includes the boat and cast from Jaws (including the kid with the shark fin on his head), the explorer Jacques Cousteau in his sub (I have fond memories of watching Cousteau on PBS - he always fascinated me), and a tugboat (simply because I love tugboats). There is also a Biblical reference in here, can you find it?

Now that I look at this illustration I realize that I did something wrong: the crabs are walking forward. I know, now it's ruined.

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