19 September 2012

Conscious Collaboration.

I'm currently collaborating with author Brion J. Shreffler on a non-fiction travel/food blog called, "I'm Only Conscious of the Rush." The illustrations are way out of my norm in their looseness and painterly style so it is pretty fun for me. I hope you'll join Brion on his adventure to the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin. A more detailed description is below.

In Brion's words:
"Based on my trip to Austin,TX for SXSW back in March, 'I'm conscious only of the rush' is an adventure story that blends together food & music narrative journalism.

Featuring illustrations by Philly artist Chuck Dillon, the project is ongoing, with me soon to return to Austin for an epilogue. I also plan to revisit several other cities along the route I took from Philadelphia, in addition to visiting new cities in order to catch up with musicians and artists I came into contact with at SXSW. The thing that keeps Austin weird (a self-applied badge of honor) is the same DIY mentality that turns a little Texas town into the center of the music universe for 1 week in March. Bands from Berlin, London, Tokyo, Portland, Sao Paolo, NYC, and Brisbane descend on Austin along with music fans the world over. It.is.[cussing].nuts. But the DIY mentality isn't just for music--it permeates Austin culture, with a robust food truck scene and entrepreneurial spirit (everything from designer t-shirts + clothing, craft goods, metal works, bicycles, and more) that's evident on every street thankfully devoid of a national chain presence (only in Austin will you find a shop that is a bike repair/dealer, coffee shop, and art dealer all in one). In a sense then, SXSW is an argument for culture, a statement about what America should be, about the beauty of art, of what we can make our world when we create--music, food, business, etc--rather than follow."

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