01 October 2012

Highlights Illustrators' Party 2012

The Highlights Illustrators' Party took place this past weekend! If you've been following me at all, you know it is something that I look forward to more than Christmas. 

I'll sum up: Each year Highlights magazine invites all of their illustrators to their headquarters in  Honesdale, PA. Besides having time to share portfolios there is an elaborate costume party, delicious PA dutch food and square dancing as well lots of fun children's activities. This year 's theme was Super Heroes. I went as my own superhero, Black & Blue- a take on my habit of constantly hitting my head. 

The illustrators were given a superhero sketchbook spec sheet to fill out (mine is below) which were collected into an awesome booklet/keepsake from the weekend. I used mine to add a deeper story to my costume as did some of the other illustrators...

Here are some photos of Black & Blue with his friends
(photos provided by myself and some very nice folks):

The Freelance League of America!

The Pink Pearl and I pose for villainy.

My daughter Virginia as the Polka Toddler!

The Luchadoro (aka illustrator Dave Klug) and I get ready to defend the street of Honesdale!

David Helton's wonderfully fun backdrop for the square dance and dinner.

My side kicks, the Freelance Pattern Posse! 
Striper, Pop Tartan and Polka Toddler aka my Mother-in-law, my wife, and my daughter.

R Michael Palan's Hungry-Man gives it to me good! Michael made this. 
I wish we set up about 200 others with everyone. They would be awesome.

The Revisionator (aka Rocky Fuller) poses with the Freelance Pattern Posse.

Friend and fellow crime fighter, Robert Squier made this shortly after we returned.

Taking a break with the Polka Toddler.

Command Z (aka Dave Justice) and I chat about the corruption in Honesdale. 
It was a very short conversation.

Black & Blue to the rescue!

Some more photos and a nice reflection on the HIP can be seen on Cheryl Kirk Knoll's blog.

Now, go get a subscription to Highlights for your kids, nephews, nieces, neighbors!
It's the greatest magazine in the world. Honest!


Kristi Valiant said...

Chuck, how did you find that blue super suit that fit you perfectly? Did you really sew that???

Chuck Dillon said...

I found it in a meteor crater.

Kristi Valiant said...

That sounds about right.

Rachel Beaumont said...

Hero - "Don't worry citizen! I'll gently catch you with my sternum!!" VBI