21 March 2013

My Dad.

In true Irish fashion my Dad passed away Sunday morning. The prior Sunday he suffered a massive heart attack. As a result his brain was damaged and, reluctantly, we had no choice but to let him go. After a very long night he finally passed on. It turns out that the last story he needed to tell was that he passed away on Saint Patrick's Day. 

My Dad taught me many, many valuable things. Among them his great sense of humor, gift of story telling and love of the outdoors.

He never missed an opportunity to tell someone that I was a "cartoonist"- something he was very proud of and, admittedly, could never quite understand. I can remember many times, at his request, drawing eagles on cocktail napkins for all of his friends- my first art commissions as I was often given quarters or dollars for the drawings. As I was growing up he would take me on fishing trips from the far north of Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario, to northern Maine, as close as our own Pennsylvania and, of course, his beloved Delaware River. Those are some of the most cherished memories I have to this day.

Anyone who knew him will miss him dearly. Thank you so very much for all of the prayers and notes of kindness. With Daisy away in Switzerland last week I have no doubt that it was God's answer to your prayers that held me together.

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