03 November 2008

Logo Designs.

Every so often I get asked to make a logo which makes me happy that I paid attention in my design classes. A struggle I have with a lot of my students is that they think that as an illustrator they don't need to know design (or how to use a computer for that matter). Some of them often find out too late that it is essential. Even if you're not designing a logo per se, there is still a good amount design that goes into each illustration.

I recently finished this one below for His-n-Herbs and I've added some others that I have done over the years. I don't usually show these off.

Every year I get asked to design the logo for the Relay for Life in Medford, NJ. It is a 24 hour walk-a-thon that usually takes place at a local high school track. The logo has to be created keeping in mind that it will be used for a one color silkscreen for t-shirts, mugs, etc.

The logo for my church's youth group of which my wife and I help lead.

A hooded sweatshirt design. Typing Hebrew is not fun, since you have to do it backwards. Coming up with a method to make the design look weathered was also a challenge.

This one was done for Helping Hand, a concierge business. This design was for the 2 sided business card.

In connection with the Relay for Life stuff, this one was done for an after-treatment support group which was started by a good friend, Susan Jones, who has since gone home to be with the Lord.

And finally this was created for Lighthouse Tabernacle, a local church. I used the colors from their stained glass windows to construct the lighthouse.

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