23 November 2008

Willamina and Theodora.

Daisy and I are moving back to PA. We have both had enough of the wonderfully inept NJ government (honestly, the only good thing about the NJ gov't is the DMV). We are in no hurry, so despite the housing market we are both trusting God to move in a favorable way for us. Since we will be showing our house off, we decided to pass my oldest cat, Willamina, off to my Mother for the time being. Our younger cat, Theodora, will be going to a non-kill shelter on Monday. It was a hard decision but one we had to make. Daisy and I are both allergic to cats and with winter upon us it only makes the allergens worse in the closed up house.

I drew the above ink drawing of Willamina when she was a mere 2 months old (back in 1996) and the photo below was taken of her on her favorite place to rest in the house, my light table, while I am working of course. Which reminds me, I need to start a photo blog. This photo just doesn't seem right sitting here. Hmm... blog 31x30? I'll get on it.

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