18 May 2009

Barber Shop.

I recently finished this hidden picture for Highlights for Children. When I sketched this out I was very nervous about Highlights rejecting this one since having hair in your ice cream is considered a bit gross. To my surprise they loved it and only asked for a couple changes to the hidden objects. 

Look for the following in this one:
Worm, crescent moon, lollipop, screwdriver, putter, nail, saw, cane, top hat, candle, and a carrot.

Not that it looks much like them but the kids in this illustration are my siblings, Mike (in the chair), Dan (hair on the ice cream), and Jackie. They were a lot of fun to grow up with and as you can see by this photo below I think they contributed much to my sense of humor.

Now that I look at this, it looks like Mike is in desperate need of a haircut.
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