25 March 2011

That's Silly, Baggage Claim!

April's Highlight's High Five features one of my That's Silly! illustrations. Be sure to pick up a copy for the little ones in your life (or you can pick one up for yourself, I won't tell).

Below is somewhat of a step by step on how I went about making this piece. I say somewhat because there were steps I forgot to take screenshots of. Maybe I shouldn't be giving out my secrets, huh? I may be putting myself out of work.

Below is the hand drawn line art. I use a 05 micron with some touch up done with a 03. I find it gives good clean line weight.

Flat colors are added via Photoshop. I knew I would be drawing the stuff outside the windows with my tablet so there was no need to ink it.

I turn off the colors layer and add a gradient layer knocking out the light with my tablet.

Finished shadows and some of the outside started.

Flat colors and shadows combined as well as some more details and changes.

I added more depth with the shadows under the feet of the characters at the request of the art director.

Finally the finished piece below. The shadows were pulled back about 65% (one of the benefits of working with layers) to print correctly on the Highlights paper.

This piece took about 8 hours to sketch, 2-3 hours to ink, and 10 hours to color. This was a quick rush job so I am happy it came out as nice as it did. Whew!
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