05 January 2012

Craft and Cook spread

For the past year or so I have been the illustrator of Highlights High Five's monthly craft and cook spread. One thing that I have discovered while working on these is that it is deceivingly hard to draw someone pouring something. Most of the time I find myself acting out the action in a mirror or googling an action online but photos like that are hard to come by. Also, with drawing these steps I found that I was drawing lots and lots of bowls, spoons, and measuring cups which brings up an interesting point: Why is it that the things that we look at every single day are the most difficult to draw? Cartoonist Chris Ware said he draws an everyday object everyday which I think is a wonderful habit to get into.

 Anyway, posted here are some of the many craft and cooking steps I have drawn...

1 comment:

Kevin Spear said...

Nice illustrations. I like your strong line work.

I suppose one reason it's hard to draw the everyday things is we just gloss over the obvious. For me, it's amazing how challenging it can be to draw someone holding silverware, yet we've we've seen someone holding a fork everyday of our lives!

Keep up the good work.