02 April 2012

Those Silly Kites!

Who doesn't like to fly a kite? God knows I do. I own five and I always have them in the trunk of my car just in case the opportunity presents itself to fly. Keeping this in mind, you can understand why I over did it on the first draft of this That's Silly! illustration for Highlights High Five. I really wanted the perspective to be through the kites, as if you were up in the sky looking down on the people but it became too busy (especially for children under five years of age). In the first revision I tried holding on to some of that flavor but it was still too busy. Sadly even the New England town in the background had to be eliminated. What we ended up with, of course, is the final art above.

Some hidden tip of the hats: A Charlie Brown kite, Amir and Hassan's kite from the film The Kite Runner,  Voyager I and Drew Phillips of Ultimate Extreme Kite Flying. My father and I are flying the fish kite.

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