03 March 2010

Creepy Visitor.

We had two great blizzards here in the Philadelphia area last month (a total of around 84 inches since December 2009). With only a week left of my wife's maternity leave these blizzards were a welcome event. I got to spend some good time with Daisy and Virginia. However, we did receive an unwelcome guest at our back door...

On February 21, 2010 at 10:53 am Snowman died at our back door. The very thing that he sought destroyed him. There is a lesson in this for us all. Snowman leaves behind his children: Water, Vapor, and Dirt. Funeral services were held in Chuck Dillon's back yard with a eulogy by the gracious Pastor Shovel.

We will miss you, Snowman. You were a very creepy companion over those couple of weeks.

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