25 March 2010

What's Wrong? Teasers.

I have been extremely busy and I am very thankful for it. Between taking care of my daughter, drawing, teaching, and telling my wife just how cute she is, I haven't had much time to update my blog and I apologize for that. The good people at Highlights for Children continue to keep me busy with the What's Wrong? back covers and here are some little previews. The first three are from a City Street Corner scene which will hopefully be on the July issue (I'm not sure). I crammed this one with as much stuff as I could. There are a ton of "nods" to pop culture as well (although I suppose most kids won't get them, the parenst should have some fun finding them). How many pop culture references can you find in the toy store window below?

I love drawing pigeons and raccoons.

The two shown below are from another What's Wrong? that I am currently in the process of coloring. The colors are actually not finished but I thought give you a little preview anyway.

Can anyone guess the name of this horse?

The Ostrich was my wife's idea.

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