19 January 2009


Here are some illustrations I did for some friends of mine over the years. The descriptions are above the images.

This was done for a friend's wedding. Joe is a big fan of DC Comics and he introduced me to comics many years ago.

My friend Ramsie always joked that the only man she would ever marry was, well, just read the end.

As a wedding gift to my friend Michael I created his wedding cake topper which had a motorized back that I had made out of an old clock.

Sometimes I get requests. Dianna and Paul asked me to do a caricature of their entire wedding party so they could give it out as a gift.

This one was done for Jeff's birthday I think. At the time he was a security guard at a Movie Theater, so my secret caption for this one was, "Step away from the butter! You're using entirely too much!" Because what the heck is a movie security guard securing?

Tracie asked me to make this for her birthday. She didn't know what she wanted exactly, just a drawing of herself, so I made her rollerblading, since she often did so in the church parking lot on Sunday afternoons.

I honestly can't remember if this was done as a birthday gift for Rich Kirk or his daughter Brittany. I did the Monsters, Inc. parody simply because Brittany laughed just like the character Boo.

I still take requests by the way.
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