02 January 2009

Philadelphia Christmas Card.

Last card, I promise. I meant to put this up sooner, but I got swamped with other stuff.

Back in 1995 my good friend Ramsie and I entered a contest for the city of Philadelphia's official Christmas Card. Students from all of the art schools in the Philadelphia area entered and Ramsie and I were chosen. We both developed the concept of using the Love statue but I have to be honest and tell you that Ramsie did most of the work. She did the bottom half since she was very good at drawing "small" people and I did the top half because I was more familiar with the buildings of the city. The funny part is that we never meant for this to be the finished art but Mayor Rendell (now the Governor of Pennsylvania) was so pleased with it that they ran with it as is. The print house that was sponsoring the contest (CR Waldmen) loved the card because they got to show off their new 5 color press since we had used Doc Marten's dyes which contain some fluorescents (they run into the fifth color area). Although you can't see it, they also put a UV coating over the Love statue which gave it a glossy look adding to the beauty of the card.

Unfortunately, Ramsie moved to Texas before she had the opportunity to meet the Mayor and have some promotional photos taken so I went alone. Below is one of those photos. Not everyone can say that they got be the Mayor for 52 seconds...

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