29 June 2009

Sketching in Delaware.

I didn't draw much while on vacation in Delaware. I always have the intention to (I bring a lot of art supplies with me) but I find that I do more reading especially when I am at the beach. Honestly, I don't really like the beach. I am a mountain and trees person simply because there's something to look at other than a horizontal line all day (aka, the ocean). We did see several large pods (10 or more in each) of dolphins this year which was quite exciting and something I have never seen in the wild before.

Anyway on the 3rd day there Daisy needed to pick up some maternity shirts at the outlets (she is now 20 weeks pregnant) so I tagged along with sketchbook in hand since I usually do a lot of waiting around. However, I was surprised to discover that there was a new park behind the outlets with a long hiking trail so I went off while she went shopping.

I was entertained by a songbird for a few minutes before he flew off (above) and on the way back I discovered a snake skeleton on the side of the trail (below).

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