30 June 2009

Zoo Hidden Pictures.

I did these for the Philadelphia Zoo several years ago (2002?) for the kid's section of their website. I don't think there is anything I love to draw more than otters. Capybaras can be a lot of fun too being as they are such strange little animals.

The objects are listed below each image. Have fun!

Find the following: slice of pie, fish, penguin, toothbrush, heart, spatula, ladle, wishbone, glove, needle, umbrella, hawk, sailboat, candy corn, and a crown.

Find the following: pineapple, 8 fish, snake, paintbrush, glove, and a crown.

Find the following: candle, octopus, cat, apple, fish, flash light, ostrich, dinosaur, acorn, rat, duck, paintbrush, peach and a cup.

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Andrea said...

As I was perusing your site, it hit me. You should make a coloring book!